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Good quality, stylish, matches everything. Holds a lot and still remains flat.
Nice piece of gear, fits well, thin enough that it won't mess with my helmet, good buy in my opinion.
Great quality, sturdy. It come up under big bags but know this is not a big bagmedium, and doesnt give too much give for wide items. Nice for organizing. I feel safe walking down the street with it knowing everything important can be in different pockets
My 16 year old granddaughter loves it--and we will love each other forever!
Ok I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to LOVE this bag....but I don't. I am returning it. You may disagree and love it, I hope so. But I want to warn you about something first. The bag doesn't open all the way. What? Yeah - the opening is only about a third of what you expect. The ends (on the outside of the handles) on each side are stitched closed. The inside of the bag is completely open, so if you have something large (iPad, planner, etc) it would be difficult to get out if you have other items in the bag. Oh well....
Love these glasses! Lightweight, comfortable, nice gray lens color.
These are awesome! I ordered three. One for myself and the other two are for my six and seven year old. They truly are one size fits all. We purchased these for a ski trip knowing it was going to be below zero. They were great for keeping us warm and helping us enjoy our day on the slopes. It was the best purchase we made for the trip. I honestly dont think we would have been able to stay on the runs for as long without them. Its nice that you can still breathe with the ventilated mouth area. I Highly recommend! I plan on wearing mine on my runs on cold days as well.
These socks are comfortable according to my husband. Would purchase again when the need for more socks arises.
I was hesitant on buying these glasses,but I figured that you can spend 10-15$ at your local Wal-Mart for a kinda similar product, but you only get 1 lens, but here you get 5 different lenses for 21$ GREAT DEAL I SAY!! When I first put them on ,I was amazed how well they felt on, but mostly how clear everything looked!! So end result is, that I'm one HAPPY customer, and would absolutely suggest to anyone that these are a AWESOME PAIR OF SUNGLASSES!! Y'ALL people looking for a great PAIR, these are the ones!! Buy them, you won't be disappointed!!!
These things are thick made and will not wear out quickly.
Hoodie fits my son well
Great work socks !
This ankle bracelet fits well and seems to be decent quality.
It is strong yet pliant, not at all stiff, fits well and quite affordable. I'd buy it again!
The fit and finish is good, the brown/black colors are nice. The buckle works well and is easy to reverse. The size fit as expected and it should be easy to shorten once I lose a few more pounds.
Like it very much and wear it quite often.
i like it, it works, when i wear it LOL
My everyday bag! Stylish yet practical! Perfect size!
I liked it when I first assembled it. I followed the instructional video and it worked well for a month. Recently the screws started to spontaneously loosen and I would re-tighten. Finally the screw came apart and I lost it. I went to the website for replacements and their description of replacement screws indicates if you lost your screws you assembled it incorrectly. I watched the video again and I had in fact assembled it according to the instructions. I have ordered replacement screws but likely am going to scrap the whole thing as I never have had a key randomly fall off of a key ring. Basically it is pretty great until it falls apart.
High Quality.
Love these shorts for patrol and warm weather details. If I regret anything, it's not having ordered them earlier in the summer.
Very well made.
Different logo! Different sizes than that of retail stores!? Be wary. Just go to Walmart.
Hanes quality for a cheap price
Great sunglasses!
Another outstanding Magpul product. Can barely tell its in my pocket, I easily fit 6 cards and my drivers license on the outer clear side. Love it so far!
They stay up