canvas painting michaels

Artist | Neave Parker
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canvas painting michaels

Beautiful any way you want them, either select from our recommended ‘Ready to Buy’ options, or customise your print and choose your exact print size. You can also crop the image, if you desire.

Each print retains the quality, quirks and age-worn beauty of the original painting, etching, print, sketch or drawing in a range of high quality finishes. Our art prints are available unframed or framed. See below for more details.

Triceratops illustration by Neave Parker

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canvas painting michaels


canvas painting michaels

Choose your art print width and height from our dropdown options. The dimensions you enter will set the image size. The frame dimensions are added to the image size.

Unframed art prints are available from 500 x 500mm (19 x 19 inches) to 1450 x 3000mm (57 x 118 inches) and come with an additional 20mm blank border, so you can frame it as you wish.

Framed prints are available with an images size from 500 x 500mm (19 x 19 inches) to 900 x 900mm (35 x 35 inches).


canvas painting michaels

Our quality art prints are all made to order. 

Framed prints are available in three frame styles. All frames arrive ready to hang with fixings. Smaller framed prints are classically mounted behind glass. Prints over 800 x 800mm (31 x 31 inches) are mounted behind Perspex.

If you choose an unframed print you can select between three different art papers: Gloss, Satin and Matt.


canvas painting michaels

Your crop area is now set at the dimensions that you have entered for your art print.

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The area will not change shape as it is locked to the ratio you have entered with the dimensions given.

canvas painting michaels

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Good quality for the price
My daughter loves this wallet. Weve had it for almost two years.m and it still looks brand new.
Nice hat for the price.
Love this chain .. very beautiful and doesnt change color
Nice Quality, a little smaller than expected, but I really like it.
Great belt at a great price. Love the feel and quality of the belt. I ordered the size belt to match the size pants i wear and the smallest hole is the pants size. Hopefully i dont go down a size! Lol
liked these hats...and the price is right
Not what I expected but it works for the purpose
Fits perfect
Small but holds all of my items that were in a larger wallet. Very happy
The material is too thin and almost see through.
Product advertised 89% Nylon but was received 89% Polyester.
Great quality
BEWARE! XL is not true to size. Way smaller. Awkward fit as well. DO NOT BUY
A little short in the crotch area and tight through the buttox area loose in the waist should be opposite. Other than that I've always liked the dickies pants.
This bag is not water proof.
Very nice wallet, will definitely have a break in period because it is very stiff. The color isn't quite as worn and dark as it looks in the picture, it looks a bit more red in person, but I feel quite certain it will wear in quickly.
Runs small, size up!
Great socks! This is my second time purchasing them. Fits well, comfortable and breathable!

Must buy.
fit to size and material good but the threading extremely weak. just putting too okkk n the threat snap, mindy I bought a size bigger for loose fit. But whatever, I will keep using as it's for walking my dogs outside, no luxury req fr that
This tote is the only thing you'll ever need to carry anything you need/want to take with you every day. Larger than I need or expected (wider), but it's okay. In addition to a large wallet, makeup bag, cell, you can take lunch, iPad, other reader, real book, water bottle, etc. with you. It can even serve as a weekender for quickie getaways. Can't beat all that for the price. I bought the reddish/burgundy with camel color inside. Nice combo but I'll only wear the burgundy color. The inclusion of the detachable inside "pocket" is genius allowing for the coraling of pens, pill box, oral care items, etc. It's not leather but it's soft and does not have any odor out of the box. Recommend this tote.
Good fit
Fits real well. True to size and soft.
The pants were perfect for my son. He loved them and they fit just the way he likes.
Loved the soft feel of the bag, wish it was a little bigger. Had many compliments!
Disclaimer first: I carry a lot of stuff. I have kids with allergies/sensitivities and type 1 diabetes. So I carry a lot of their stuff on me. If don't carry a lot of stuff - this bag would be GREAT.

This bag has three main pockets. A zippered one that extends into the left edge of the strap, a zippered one that extends into the right edge of the strap, and the one formed between them.

In my bag, I have one whole zippered compartment filled with Lactaid, pain relievers, spare contact lenses, glucagon injector, spare test strips, and insulin pen tips, allergy meds, etc. Pretty much half of Walgreens, but always seemingly the wrong half. The other zip compartment I filled with a notepad, checkbook, and a number of writing implements. Seriously this is where every pen in the house goes to die.

In the middle compartment - and herein lies the rub - I really can't fit much. If you fill the other two compartments there is no room for the bag to expand really so that middle compartment is pretty tight. Keys (on a short pull-out strap), a tissue pack, mints, a spare phone battery and charging cords, and the included pull-out pouch that now holds my cash and a rubber-band full of cards. Baggalini - where did those wonderful card slots go??? Put some in the RFID pouch, please! There is no room for a real wallet in here.

On the outside front of the bag are some nice useful organization pockets. I've got some small makeup items in the two zippable ones (though again, they do not expand and one is entirely filled by a standard pressed-powder compact). Behind them are some open pockets which are great for slipping the phone and sunglasses into. I can find them tactilely while driving without ever taking my eyes off the road so these are important features for me. On the back is another open, flat pocket which is really only useful for papers - receipts, directions, coupons, programs, etc.

I love the light lining color, thoughtfulness of pocket design, and WASHABILITY of Baggalini bags, and this one in particular. I wish I had the organization ability of this one with the expandability of my old Baggalini EveryWhere bag, which washed up good as new (except for an inside ink stain) and will probably be in use again. I took my Crossover Crossbody on a trip (leaving half the medical stuff at home) and it was a little easier to manage, but if I could I would have a much roomier interior (I hope they widen the base in the next design) and I would love to be able to fit a spare blood sugar meter and/or insulin pen (and case) in there. They tried to keep the bag thin but the interior is really tight. I feel like I can really only fill one of the three main pockets and the other two are less useful.
What is there to write about. A good Hanes model for a basic T-Shirt. 2 Colors in the pack so a little variety here. And a very good price.
They seem to be a size smaller. I wear size 36, so that's what I ordered. I couldn't even get the button to the button whoole.
HOWEVER! When it arrived it was QUITE TIGHT, it gave me headaches for a few days until I literally stretched the crap out of it and got it to not be so tight. It is now my favorite hat!
I am very pleased with this wallet. I have been using the Slim Clip for a while now but since I prefer to carry my wallet (no matter the size) in my back pocket (front pockets stay full with keys and phone), the metal slim clip was wearing holes in my pants pockets.
The BW fits everything that the slims clips did. I was worried when I first opened it that the "pocket" for cash, etc. wouldn't hold anything. It was difficult to get anything into it the first few times, but no problem now. It should hold even a decent stack of bills without much problem.é-Straps-Femmes-Extensible-Quotidien