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Blog / 14 Aug 2019

A continued source of inspiration in design, Chinoiseries rose to popularity in the 18th century when decorative, intricate wallpaper became increasingly popular. In the 18th century the fascination around China was growing. Whilst trade between the two countries was increasing, very few had visited China and many had fanciful preconceptions as to what China was like.

It was this air of mystery and unknown which surrounded China that caught the imagination of homeowners and these decorative chinoiserie designs began filtering into the wealthy homes of Britain. 

Capturing exotic scenes many designs included ornate pavilions, rooftops of Chinese pagodas, fabulous birds and flourishing florals. Rich in colour and pattern, these designs continue to be the ideal backdrops for bedroom, bathroom and living room wallpapers.

animal portrait artists

Delving into the collections of the V&A and Warner Textile Archive, we’ve gained access to some of the most beautiful chinoiserie designs. Originally hand painted, each 18th century design was created using traditional techniques to preserve the hand-crafted nature of the image.

Some of the earliest types of these eastern wallpaper designs were the ‘bird and flower’ designs. Characterised with flowering trees and birds or insects amongst the branches, these detailed drawings were set against a solid coloured ground.

As the trend for chinoiseries progressed, the variety of designs developed and in latter years chinoiserie designs also included shrubs in pots and hanging bird cages.

animal portrait artistsanimal portrait artists

Still as popular now as they were in the 18th century, chinoiserie designs slot seamlessly into modern interiors. The decorative and detailed wallpapers give feature walls the wow factor and the use of bright colours set against a pale background make chinoiserie wallpapers a brilliant choice for bedrooms, living rooms and bathroom wallpapers.

Style your chinoiserie wallpaper mural with muted furniture and walls and let your mural take the focus. The incredible detail in each chinoiserie design will leave you discovering something new every time you look at it. 

Creating a dining room of dreams with a chinoiserie backdrop. Mix and match complimentary patterns at different scales to give depth and interest, or keep it sleek with bold coloured accessories like this black dining table and chairs. 


Like this? You'll love our round up of the most popular Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural designs. 

animal portrait artists

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Loved them but a little to small for my taste especially the back..could barely close it since it's too small for my fingers..but other than that beautiful earrings
Very light and stylish, not bulky, polarization excellent. Love the product. Strongly recommend it.
I really liked the color of the hat and material but having thick curly hair, S/M didnt sit nicely on my head. Its not too tight but it also doesnt sit directly on my scalp, I know its because of my hair but overall if you have thick/curly hair and want a looser, floppier fit, Id say get the bigger size! Overall, this is a cute as heck hat and will use it! Hopefully it stretches out overtime. :)
My husband loves them.
Fits really well. Not to baggy or skinny jeans as expected. Fabric seems solid and would last a while
pretty, but to stiff and to small of a opening hard to get anything in and out. May return its uncomfortable to carry.would not buy again.
My husband wears these for everything! They are durable, soft, comfortable, and fit well. He wears them under his work shirts and just for the day to day and they last a long time. Regular undershirts are too short for him to tuck in which is required for work. And they are also not so long that when he wears them casually it doesn't look like he is wearing a dress!
My grandaughter loves them! Very nice!
sparkles well
Great fitting hat!!
Looks like picture online
Great item
Perfect front pocket wallet
Very well made. Great size. Looks like it will last for years! It's a very heavy handbag, which was a bit unexpected, but it will hold a great deal without risk of breaking
This purse is gorgeous! Should not hesitate to buy it if youre thinking about it. I get so many compliments. It came with the care book and a pink Kate Spade bag. Perfect size!
They fit onto my glasses well even though the temples are the wide plastic type. I assume that if you keep taking the rope retaner off an dputting it on again, it will break. I intend to leave this retainer on permanently.
Cute as it could be.
These were very good pair of socks. I were them everyday and I have noticed they last longer than the socks I have been wearing. Also the socks are soft and very comfortable.
I love this bag! I bought it for a trip to Italy and use it every day since I've been back. It's just roomy enough for my essentials and is very stylish.
This wallet is amazing. I purchased it to replace an old wallet and I got more than I expected.

Because of the way the wallet is designed it fits all my items but are so well distributed that it appears slimmer and actually fits in my back pocket easily.

Im definitely buying this wallet again
I have ordered a second time for myself and finally got my spouse to give them a try. I wanted to see how well they lasted - how well they held up to compression after many washing. I can now report after many months (12 actually) after the first order they hold up well. I wear them most everyday when I am working at home, so they get washed about every 7-10 days (love the 7 prs in a pak) . They do relax just a bit after about the 3 or 4 washings (using warm water in the washer) . Still have good compression, just a wee bit easier to get on. I find them no harder to get on than almost any knee shock - and somewhat easier than most compression socks, however they still do a great job for making my legs not get tired and also for keeping the swelling in my ankles from happening.

My only 'be aware' comment is they are a bit thicker then some brands and I find they make some of my dressier shoes too snug so I do use some thin compression socks then. But for sneakers , sketchers etc they are wonderful.

Spouse is still not totally convinced - he likes how they make his legs feel - but he has to use a sock assist device to self-dress with his regular socks and these (like all compression socks) don't work with his sock helper - and he dislikes having to have me pull them on and off for him - They would be great for him, except he had bend at the hip so it is the sock assist or me , the sock assistant
Nice fit and keep my feet cool!
Great service and product!
One zipper was stuck and then slipped off. The other zipper operated flawlessly. Ill be sending back tomorrow.I think the fit was tight but not uncomfortably. Not sure if Ill repurchase.
I was looking for a baggy sweatshirt for the fall and this one is perfect! I'm 5'2 and 110lbs and ordered a medium for extra room and length. I prefer men's jackets because I like the oversize look. This one is not too thick so if you're looking for warmth this one might be too light.
What can I say they look perfect they look amazing you can hold them inside each other multi usage for each one of them. I always wanted a series of purses that have the same style and now I got them.
I love it
Good quality material and great craftsmanship.
This is a Costanza wallet. If you want to sit funny....this is the wallet for you
Had this thing for almost 2 years.... still holding up strong. Love it.éRapant-Chaussons-Mocassins