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Blog / 31 Mar 2020

This spring 2020 we’ve added seventeen fabulous new life affirming images to our New York Botanical Garden collection. Sourced from the Garden’s illustrious Mertz Library each one is vibrant, joyous and full of life.

The Mertz Library is the world’s largest library of horticultural and botanical works. It houses rare botanical volumes that date as far back as the 12th century. This stunning range of seventeen new botanic studies have been sourced from six different books of beautiful illustrations. Eleven are from Aroideae Maximilianae, a monumental work by Johann Peyritsch and Heinrich Wilhelm Schott, published in 1879 and steeped in history.

Meredith Counts, Director of Licensing and Product Development at the New York Botanical Garden, says "The folio Aroideae Maximilianae features some 42 chromolithographic plates known for both their artistic display and scientific detailing of specimens drawn from life.

Some of the plates required up to twenty individual printings to achieve their exceptional tonal effects. Surface View’s superior printing techniques and fine attention to detail bring these sumptuous botanic studies to life; New York Botanic Garden is thrilled to be able to share these historic illustrations in a way that so beautifully replicates their original appeal."

dog art photos

Bring the outdoors inside with these luscious botanical images. Frame a pair of complementary studies side by side as we’ve done withdog art photos and 'Spathicarpa Gardneri'.

Or let a supersize canvas take the focus. We love how this fresh white living room comes alive with a pop of flourishing green from 'Rhodospatha Oblongata'.

dog art photos

Dining in the great outdoors revives the spirit, but it’s not always practical. Bring a piece of mother nature into your home and recreate a bit of that al fresco joie de vivre.

We’ve chosen two luscious leaf studies from the New York Botanical Garden collection and scaled them up for maximum impact.  The gorgeous ‘Anthurium Radicans’ mural adds wow factor to a simple dining room and ‘Xanthosoma Maximiliani' is stretched over a supersized canvas frame to add interest to this casual dining space. This is a great choice for adding drama and decoration to a room quickly and easily.

dog art photos

Make the heart of your home an inspiring and uplifting space with these evergreen studies. Keep kitchens bright and airy with pops of fresh green set against white backgrounds. From lush palm trees to leafy botanicals and bloomin’ big leaves to budding blossoms, the new additions to our New York Botanical Garden collection are perfect for perennial additions to your kitchen.

Shop the full range of images from the New York Botanical Garden here and let us know what you think of them on social media @surfaceview we’d love to hear from you!

dog art photos

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