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We no longer produce the following products:


Fabric wall hangings*

Wall prints

Wall stickers

Mounted prints

Birch ply prints

Epic posters


*Fabric wall hangings have been discontinued and replaced by our wall charts which have been renamed ‘Wall Hangings’. For more information read the product information in the footer. 

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incredible quality and value. and quite easy to cut/adjust to your waist. have bought several of these, love them
I got this wallet expecting it to be a normal sized wallet, easy to carry around. If you are looking for something slim to carry without a purse, this is NOT the way to go. The wallet seems like it would hold up well for regular use, I am just unsure because I will not be using it due to its size.
Cotton is only 49% but on the internet, it is advertised as 73%. I would not have purchased and will be returning socks back. Be aware!
They are perfect! I am on my feet all day. These socks makes a difference for me. My feet feel way less swollen by the end of the night. Thank you!
They're beaitiful!!! Bought the set for myself and my daughters and we absolutely love them
I had been looking for something like these for so long, and they are comfortable and just perfect. I wear them every day all day long.
Great belt,great price.just like the one I had for fifteen years prior.
I love this wallet. I can attach it to my work badge which means its one less thing to carry on a busy work day. Also it's very small and can fit easily into most pockets.
I liked this belt quite a bit but the internal locking mechanism broke after several months of wearing. I would have preferred if the interior mechanism were metal to avoid easy breakage. I expected it to have lasted longer myself and will avoid in the future. Treat it gently and it'll probably last you longer.
I have other head gear but needed something for arctic and antarctic tourist travel. Unlike my other face covers, this balaclava fits closely and stays over my nose. I wear glasses and it is a little cumbersome getting them off and on due to the close fit, but they stay in place better as a result. I also have sport glasses that strap behind my head and can wear them on top since my ears do not need to hold them in place. My skin is highly sensitive to sun so this is a life saver because trying to put on more sunscreen every 50 min. or so in the extreme cold is often not an option.
NOTE: I'm female & I have 21 1/4" head, small hat size and small nose and face. This is SNUG on me, not constricting but close fitting. The fabric is fairly heavy. Big heads and features might find it too small and I wouldn't wear this in the heat.
Great length and collar stays put. No tags also! Very comfortable to wear
While I appreciate the container and accessories (lens cloth and clip) the glasses came bent. So they don't sit even on my face. Not too sturdy, obviously easily bendable. If it weren't for that, I would've liked them.
PISSED!!!!!!! I ordered this and it arrived 3 days before my daughter's graduation from High school. The advertisement says ADULT UNISEX!!!! However!!! Somebody lied because this is CLEARLY for a child graduating out of kindergarten!!! I want EVERY cent of my money back!!! I can't believe this!!! 3 days before her graduation!!!! Im beyond PISSED OFF!!!!
Very comfortable pants
I ordered this, waited about a week for it just to get an email saying it may be lost! Only good thing is I got my money back.
I bought these because I sit behind a desk 8-10hrs a day. They are great for keeping the circulation going. I also found they give my legs an extra boots during workouts, especially on leg day.
Great quality and looks.
Great bargain on this hanes underwear deal
My husband is super picky with clothes, and he actually loves these pants to my surprise! He wears them to work and they have enough room in them for him to move around with ease. Perfect!
I was hoping this was a purse-sized bag, but it's a tote bag size for me. But - it's very cute, functional, summery and has plenty of room to use for a day at the beach, travelling, or even as a purse if you have a lot to carry! Very affordable price.
Literally obsessed, fits EVERY card and gift card with ease, plus the zipper pocket allows you to store larger items securely
Extremely tiny and did not stay in her ears as expected. The back screw waa not secure at all. Lost the earrings within 2 days. I bought some expensive earrings from a jeweler in my area with the same screw and they have been in for weeks. Waste of my money!
Sits high on head
They are too tight, my shoe size is 4 my legs thin yet these rated for size 6 shoe or larger SO what happened with these ? Plus I wanted HIGH Wool % these only 30% . See what happens with assuming? I asked for listing of 100% wool, these came up SO I assumed ,purchased and now I'm not pleased... Will be more careful if and when I order again...
It's a really great mask. 100% recommend.
Comfortable,and it is convertible to a shoulder bag. The compartment inside the zipper rests against your back or your side without a visible opening for thieves; I thought it would be too small, but I can fit my ipad inside. The color is taupe, made out of nylon which makes it very versatile. The straps are not so elegant, made out of nylon webbing but it will do, since this is the only bag I will take on my trip. The only thing I don't like, is that the inside is lined in black nylon. I wish it was a lighter color so I can find things easily, but it has an inside zipper against the flap, and more inside pockets for my lipstick, etc.
The style is very suitable, it is worth buying
The description mentions some sort of "ventilation" system. Be warned - that actually refers to a mesh panel on each side that's not readily visible in the pictures. It's about 1.5 inches wide and extends from just below the waist to about mid-thigh. The weave of the mesh is open enough that your kid's underwear is going to show through (and some of their thigh as well, especially if they wear briefs). Why would anyone in their right mind want that for a middle school kid? Maybe it wouldn't be noticeable if you child wore black boxer briefs that extended down their thigh, but this is a no-go for anyone with light colored briefs. If it's cold enough to wear sweats, who wants a breeze blowing through their groin area anyway? Glad I noticed before I took the labels off, and Amazon made the return easy, but what the heck, Adidas?
Love my new wallet. Excellent quality and nice packaging on delivery.
The BEST socks ever. I use them (size 8 men) and my wife (size 6 women). Very stretchy and great quality. Our arch and backs do not hurt and no scuffs from shoes.