custom canvas prints gold coast

Artist | Neave Parker

custom canvas prints gold coast

Triceratops illustration by Neave Parker

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custom canvas prints gold coast

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custom canvas prints gold coast

I got these for the full face rimless lens design and the unbelievable clarity and glare blocking. These goggles are lightweight and comfortable (I don't wear a helmet so they are typically over my beanie. I have prescription inserts (large) from goggles n' more that fit perfectly in these. They look great on the outside but everything looks better from the inside. I highly recommend Oakley's Flight Deck goggle.
Great hat. This is the best fitting hat I have ever worn so I had to come order another.
Good for seeing structure in streams and spotting fish
I ordered the Tees because I needed comfortable clothes which I can wear during the extremely humid and scorching heat of summers in India. I prefer loose cotton clothing and this product fits the bill.

The Tees are extremely comfortable, soft, easy to wash, and perfect for summer.
Finally shorts that are the right size
This purse is well made and roomy. There are plenty of pockets to store belongings.
The size is amazing small compared to my regular wallet. It disappears in my front pocket. I love it!
They are soft, that's about all the good I can say, the legs ride up instantly, your junk doesn't stay put at all, I found myself adjusting myself constantly. Don't buy, I'm sure there are better out there.
Exactly as pictured, beautiful. I get tons of compliments on it!
Good fabric; too tight around the neck and the threads in the neck break very easy; fits too short for an XL
Very satisfied with this wallet. It held more than I had even hoped for and was still able to easily close. Leather quality was good and very neatly organized all my cards, cash, checkbook, loose change, stamps and phone. I bought it for myself but packaging was very nice if this was presented as a gift.
Good value and the fit was perfect.
These are cute rings for small fingers but turned my daughter's finger green in less than a week with constant wear
Love it
Adjust well for hair or bald
The material is super nice very comfortable fists perfect
Feels soft and comfy
I have bought two of these now and I love it! Good quality and great style at an affordable price.
Snug fit but better than adjusting caps. I still cannot find the correct model. I have an old FlexFit that fits so well, but theyve probably changed production techniques. Nonetheless this cap is amazing.
Ring was not in the box.
Low quality material, wore out quickly. Didnt even last one summer. Look for clearance swimsuits on Lands End because they last very well.
Soft texture, spacious, great price!
Perfect for traveling i love it... good quality for the price and fashionable
large socks, not really a lower cut. Threads coming off from inside the socks
great for the price
I ordered the AZLAND Waterproof Swimming Sports Analog Quartz Digital Watch for Kids for my 5 year old. This arrived quickly and promptly in 2 days as promised and packaged well.

I got my older (8 year old son) the same brand but like a real clock/watch without the digital numbers and my youngest son had to have a watch as well. So being younger and not able to tell time just yet and being his first watch I got him this digital watch. We don't get into the characters, tv shows and cartoon stuff so this being plain was perfect. It was nearly impossible finding a plain watch in stores, that was also of quality that would hold up to my rough and tough boy. The band is thick, rubber type material, but flexible. The numbers are clear and easy to read. This has the time, the day, the date, the seconds, an alarm and a back light.

I had trouble setting the watch so I gave it to dad! The directions were not very clear and easy to follow but he managed to get it set by pressing different buttons! We ordered the black and red, the red is bright and vibrant. The band fits my 5 year old perfectly, although he is the size of a 6/7 year old. Seems like it will last him a good while, as it felt durable and thick.

The description states:
Water resistant to 30m (100 ft): withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming and hot shower We have not tested that theory as he always takes it off, it may have gotten splashed from hand washing, but he has been really good about keeping it dry.

Overall he loves his watch and wears it all the time. I have not personally found anything wrong with this product and would recommend it to my friends and family. It has helped with telling time, and learning responsibility, and is adorable on his arm. Would highly recommend!

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
Very well made, easy to use. Latch lets you know you have the correct side up, so the cards won't fall out when you open it and the cards automatically fan out. Despite being a hard case, feels the same in my pocket as my old soft wallet.