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Fit as expected. Good quality. Very satisfied with jeans.
Very good quality for the price. Exceeded my expectations.
I've owned Ray Ban's my entire life. My brother loved my Ray ban wayfarer glasses so i gave them to him. I missed the look of those glasses but didn't want to shell out close to $100 for them again. i'm extremely excited i found these Cloudfield glasses. The main reason i wanted to try these glasses over other wood glasses was they're made of sustainable bamboo. if it's sustainable, i feel no guilt! that was huge for me.

Short and sweet review-

Easily THE most lightweight and comfortable sunglasses i've ever owned. it surprised me how comfortable these are actually. I love putting these on, they're durable feeling and you dont notice them on your face; they're so comfortable. out of all my ray ban's i've owned over the years, none of them come close to blocking light like these cloudfield glasses do. I always found ray ban a bit heavy and uncomfortable at times. That is not an issue with these Cloudfield,

I'm a massive fan of these shades, i dont know why i'd ever go back to ray bans. i LOVE the sustainable material, the price, the weight, the feel and how much they cut out the sun. absolutely love these shades, i'll definitely be buying more sunglasses from Cloudfield.
The plastic feels cheap, and the frame is much more rounded on the top than what it looks like on the picture.
Socks are really important in our family. And the family likes these socks. They're soft with a great form hold up after washes and they look good. We also very much like the brand
Nice quality
Cute for my daughter
I do a lot of work with boots on and when I take my boots off my feet always smell. Ever since I bought these socks... I no longer afraid to take my shoes off in front of others..
In addition to fitting really well, they look nice and they are comfortable.
Pros: Nice presentation box and bag. Nice quality wallet for the price.

Cons: The wallet has an odor about it that you need to eliminate before you can use it.
Perfect tee's A+ As advertised. Good quality, medium weight fabric.
These are nice heavy duty socks. The only thing I don't like is that they are too tight at the top of the calf.
This is so wonderful, warm, soft and cimfortable. Now I want one in every color!
Great gift idea
The colors are so pretty and this is a perfect accent to an otherwise boring top.
Hat was too shallow to stay on my average-sized head. Gave it to a petite friend who has a much smaller head, still far too shallow. Poor design.
The rise up alittle
Great looking bags! My husband got this off of my wish list for Christmas last year. I love the bags so much. The cross body I used everyday for almost a year. The zipper just recently stopped working and I did not feel comfortable using a purse that doesnt close for security purposes. The tote is the one that I still have and use. The lining of the shoulder strap has a rubbery or thin plastic material on the tote and is starting to peel off. Its a minor flaw that I only notice, but it is a bit of a downer. I love the color and feeling of the bags! It was a great gift and I would buy this set again!
Not at all the fit it shows in the picture, more of a pointy flare at the hips instead of a baggy all over fit. Also very stiff material. Not my first choice in pants. With hopes with some wear and wash they will fit more like the pic in time.
Easy to take on and off and super cute for summer! Love them so much
They look great and are of solid quality. The LARGE is the perfect size for a normal sized, woman's head [whatever that means]. Only drawback is that they arrived slightly crooked, so set a little off.

Otherwise, good quality, comfortable, and the colour of the metal and lens all look great together.
good shirts, seams are starting to come loose near the end of the sleeves though.
I loved the length of chain, you can slip over head without having to fasten, also liked I could use oil and it smelled so good
Fits small for large
It appears to be a quality product. It was packaged as if it was a gift from someone and it was shipped promptly. Very nice.
Beautiful and not too big or small Ample room for makeup, wallet, portable charger and what evrr you might carry. I definately suggest.
Happy with purchase. Great shirts and excellent quality.
I loved the look of these glasses, but the quality is seriously lacking. Generally, I'm willing to splurge on sunglasses because I take care of them and keep them for years. These were so fragile, I had to be careful pulling them out of my hair and off my head because the frames were so flimsy they would bend! I had these glasses for less than two months when one day they slipped out of my fingers on to a thick rug and shattered into a million pieces. If your looking for a comparable pair, try Triple Crown Full Mirror Color Reflective Lens. The quality is much better and the price is great!