pet oil paintings

pet oil paintings

Each made-to-measure mural is customised to your exact specifications; select your size, crop and finish and we’ll print it for you. You can choose between our standard smooth mural, our handy Just Stick It Up option or a choice of premium textured finishes.

There’s no limit to the size of your mural, as it comes supplied in manageable ‘drops’ of up to 1200mm (48”) wide. Available from 1000 x 1000mm (40”).

pet oil paintings
Choose between our four wallpaper mural finishes:

pet oil paintings
Our affordable paper backed, ‘paste the wall’ standard wallpaper mural boasts a satin smooth finish. It’s ideal for the domestic environment and rooms with less wear and tear like bedrooms and living rooms.

pet oil paintings
Our trade marked self-adhesive option uses the latest developments in wallpaper adhesive technology to create a really easy to use wallpaper. It’s perfect for the less confident decorator as it gives you a chance to reposition the mural to get it just right and with no wallpaper paste to worry about it makes the whole process simple, quick and mess free.

pet oil paintings
A favourite with interior designers, this premium wallcovering features a textured finish that resembles a woven fabric for a warm and soft effect, which is perfect for masking less than perfectly smooth walls. Ready for installation using the ‘paste the wall’ method, it is also incredibly durable making it ideal for high traffic areas in domestic and public spaces.

pet oil paintings
A beautiful and subtly textured wallpaper reminiscent of handmade Japanese papers creates a luxurious and sophisticated effect. ‘Paste the wall’ for ease of application, it is also exceptionally durable making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens and dining rooms. Due to its weight and texture it is also a great choice for uneven walls.

All of our wallpapers are suitable for contract use. Get in touch with us if you require further information.

Standard Smooth
Just Stick It Up

pet oil paintings
Our made-to-measure wallpaper murals are supplied within 12 working days, in ‘drops’, rolled and packed in tubes. We supply full installation guides, soft squeegees and plastic strips to protect your wall when you trim your mural to fit.

Worldwide shipping is FREE for all orders over £150. For orders under £150, shipping is £15.

If you are a trade specifier, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the different delivery options. 

To help track the progress of your Surface View product we provide an email receipt with your order, personal confirmation and tracking details of your dispatched product.


pet oil paintings

Our wall murals come in 1200mm wide ‘drops’, making them easy to install whether you’ve chosen our ‘paste the wall’ method (Standard Smooth, Linen and Oriental finishes) or the self-adhesive Just Stick It Up option.

Please read these instructions carefully before installing your mural. These instructions can also be downloaded as a PDF. If you’d rather we took care of it, contact us to arrange professional installation by our specialists.

Our ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper finishes are ready for installing onto walls that have been plastered and painted with emulsion. For our Just Stick It Up murals, we recommend that your wall has an acrylic satin or eggshell finish. If you have any questions about the suitability of your walls for our wallpaper mural products please contact us on +44(0)118 922 1327 or email [email protected] 

pet oil paintings

  • Soft squeegee 
  • 50mm protective plastic strips to the height of your wall

pet oil paintings

  • Tape measure 
  • Spirit level or plumb line 
  • Soft pencil
  • Plumb line
  • Straight metal edge ruler
  • Masking tape 
  • Stanley knife or sharp blade 
  • Wallpaper smoother or brush
  • Wallpaper seam roller
  • Ready mixed, heavy duty wallpaper paste (not necessary for Just Stick It Up) 
  • Wallpaper paste brush or roller (not necessary for Just Stick It Up)
  • One inch paint brush (not necessary for Just Stick It Up)

pet oil paintings

As walls are seldom perfectly square always measure the height and width of your wall in several places. For large wall areas take measurements at 1 metre intervals. When inputting your required dimensions into the customisation tool always use the largest of these measurements to ensure the mural will completely fill the wall and trim to fit as described in the how to install instructions below.


pet oil paintings

Ensure your wall surface to be covered is clean, smooth, dry and in a sound condition. Dry and absorbent surfaces need to be painted or sealed using a water-based primer or sealer.

1) Starting out. 
The wall mural is supplied in ‘drops’ of equal width (up to 1200 mm) and length. Carefully unpack these drops and lay them out in order. You’ll find a reference on each panel at the top to help. Note that the whole image has an additional 50mm bleed all round and each section join has a 25mm overlap left and right, to give an overlap that’s cut back to create an accurate butt join. Whilst laid out, use your masking tape to create handy markers as guides to where the image from the different panels line up, mark these points on the tape. Roll up and label each roll.

2) The first piece. 
Key to a successful installation is getting the correct starting position on the wall. Each panel has bleed marks and a mid point mark to help positioning. Start by measuring the width of the first drop (minus 50mm for the extra bleed). Use this measurement to draw a vertical line from the right hand edge of the wall; use a plumb line or spirit level to ensure that it’s completely vertical.

pet oil paintings  we recommend starting the installation with the right hand panel to assist with trimming the section panels. If you’d prefer to start with the left hand panel, make sure you reverse the left/right instructions in this guide.

Apply a ready mixed good quality wallpaper paste to the wall, one section at a time. This is not necessary for Just Stick It Up murals – simply start to peel away the protective backing from the top.

Fix the first drop from the right hand side, making sure the left hand edge of this drop aligns with the vertical line. This is the most critical point and this first panel must be vertical to the plumb line. Smooth out any bubbles or ripples with a brush, smoother or your squeegee, in a vertical direction only. Wipe off any excess paste with a damp sponge.

3) Applying the second and subsequent drops. 
Apply wallpaper paste to the next section of wall. The second and subsequent drops should be overlapped by 50mm to make sure that the image aligns accurately. Use your masking tape guides to help align these image overlaps. Smooth out any bubbles or ripples with a brush, smoother or your squeegee, in a vertical direction. Continue until all panels are up before moving on to trimming. Remove masking tape.

4. Trim top and bottom. 
Trim the right hand edge and the top and bottom, using a straight edge for guidance.

5. Trimming the joins. 
Gently lift the two overlapped edges and fix the supplied 50mm plastic strip to the wall (the paste should hold it in place) under the lifted edges. Smooth the edges over the plastic strip. Using a straight edge and sharp blade, trim down the middle of the overlap, then remove the plastic strip and excess wall mural. A final application of paste can be applied beneath the joints using a paintbrush. Smooth down both edges to make a seamless butt join, making sure the wall mural is fixed at the edges. Finally trim the left hand edge.


Download our paste the wall mural install guide PDF

Download our Just Stick It Up mural install guide PDF

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