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Fits good and looks quality.
Frankly say, it is a bit small to me!!!

But very stylish looking with light weight easy to wear. Never looking cheap!!

If you need daily sun glasses, it could be perfect choice.
A+ for fast and accurate service! This is just what I have been looking for! Thank you!
Vero good
Too small. Guess I should have read the product description better. Small
Bought this for my wife, she loves it. Being officially licensed merchandise we anticipated a certain level of quality, but it even exceeded my expectations. Very durable material and stitching, it is a quality bag my Potter-nerd wife loves and uses every day.
good fit, good quality
Fits as expected
Too big
Loved the blend nice and comfortable will buy more
I honestly tried hard to find some cons about this wallet but it does exactly what I wanted and expected it too.
I've seen a review or two saying you can't fit that much stuff in it... well that is the point. I carry a single credit card, debit card, gym membership card, and my license along with a few bills (just for that one business that still requires cash or I need to tip someone). It actually fits a decent amount of bills in the middle pocket.. much more than I initially anticipated.

Don't see myself getting a new wallet anytime soon unless this one breaks. However, based on the quality of it, I imagine I won't have to worry about that.
Bought it for my husband. Looks kinda cheap. And makes everything look yellow.
My sunglasses of thus brand are much better. And in mine everything has perfect colors
I just bought this wallet to replace a previous rfid wallet that was losing the leather pieces on outside. When I got it I tried putting everything from that wallet in new wallet and when I tried to close the zipper the zipper came off track and wouldn’t let me zip it up with all my previous stuff I had in there. I had to take stuff out to get it to zip! Not impressed!
It's not an actual binder , it's to big
I really like the pants I have not brought a great Jean in years.
Good solid product that I use everyday with no problems,nice and comfortable and would definitely buy another pair of these before any “high end” or “designer” brand.
fits my 6 year old son perfectly. has 8 alarms which is nice during the potty break years. My son plays hard and doesn't want to take this sucker off... perfect fits watch for a kid.
Nice bright colours.
But quality is a bit poor. Esp the elastic waistband.
love it fits looks great
Seems good so far, collar seems good
Normally I wait to review products for durability purposes. This belt isn't playing around. It's super comfy, nice thick leather, not the kind of leather you get from Dickies or something where you're not sure if 'Genuine leather' to Dickies means plastic. This belt is great.
good product
They are the ones I wanted
Me encantó
Great quality, holds only ten average size coffee cups by the handle. Looks like its main purpose is to be used to dry the cups upside down, it would hold 15 cups
Fit was large. Also it took about 5-6 times through the washer/dryer to get all the fuzzy black stuff from the inside of the pants to stop sticking to my leg. I wore these to the gym, and after every workout, I'd take these off, and have a ton of black fuzzy crap all over my legs.
Perfect sized wallet for me.
Thank you ,they are lovely
Very soft and comfortable
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