canvas painting kobe bryant

Artist | Neave Parker
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canvas painting kobe bryant

Fascinating imagery at grand scale, our statement wallpaper murals are digitally printed with your choice of image on one of our quality ‘paste-the-wall’ wallpapers or our handy Just Stick It Up, adhesive backed option. Every mural is made-to-measure. Customise your size and crop – zoom in and select the exact area you want to feature to create something completely unique.

Triceratops illustration by Neave Parker

Code: NHM0275

canvas painting kobe bryant


canvas painting kobe bryant

There’s no limit to the size of your mural, as it comes supplied in manageable wallpaper drops of up to 1100mm (43") or 1200mm (48”) wide, depending on finish, however sometimes we may get in touch if we feel the quality of the image is becoming compromised due to the size of mural.
Available from 1000 x 1000mm. 

We print only the dimensions you require so there is no wastage. You only pay for what you need and no more.

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canvas painting kobe bryant

Chose from four carefully selected wallpapers to print your images on.

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canvas painting kobe bryant

Your crop area is now set at the dimensions that you have entered for your mural. 

You can move and resize the crop area to choose which part of the image you would like as your mural. 

The area will not change shape as it is locked to the ratio you have entered with the dimensions given.

canvas painting kobe bryant

A4 (210 x 297mm) Mural image sample
A3 (297 x 420mm) Custom mural scale & crop

canvas painting kobe bryant

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Printed on an A2 canvas with a custom message.
can be used on any product & image combination across the site.
Very comfortable - hole in one pocket not reason enough to return but lose a star.

Pants have no indication SouthPole either
I have a huge head... 7 5/8" with close cropped hair and possibly 7 3/4" with longer hair.
This makes finding decent hats a challenge.
This larger hat size was perfect and it being a flex fit/stretch fit hat is added bonus.
Made of good quality material and I sweat profusely and my hats tend to get worn out quick.
I have not noticed sweat stains yet.
Haven;'t washed this to see how it holds up to cleaning.
I would buy again and I have bought two other styles from the same brand.
el cinturon originalmente el under armour es blanco y lo mandaron negro. yo no pedi eso . perdida de dinero. horrible perdi mi plata
These are a great value!
Least comfortable undwear I've ever tried on. Avoid
Not really an adult large.
Nice product
Great sweats for a great price. Super soft inside and very well made. I have several pairs of these in different colors.
Awesome! I love them
Small and compact but carries everything I need it to. Its a mini storage case but a wallet. The only thing I have to say is the cash part could use more room but thats not an issue with me as I carry very little cash but at times I do carry more then usual. Secrid is the leader in mini wallets and perfection.
I love the softness and the quality of the fabric. My height is only 411 and the pants fit perfect! Would definitely recommend!
I only wish the socks were a bit thicker, and one of them tore after one use. Overall a decent product.
Love this purse very nice the leather is so soft very pretty purse
Fit pretty good! I'm going to buy another pair
I bought this to use for books. Its the perfect size for any book I have and has pockets for all the extras. The strap is adjustable for the best fit or I can use the carry handles. It came quickly and exactly as described.
This wallet is perfect! Been using it for a couple of days now. So far so good. I bought 2 one for myself and one for a friend and both of us love it. The magnet is strong and it has enough space for my cards aswell. Love it.
Very cheap. Yes, I understand how much I paid.
I bought this watch for my 4 year old grand daughter who wanted a Frozen watch for her birthday. Even though she can't tell time she wears it all the time. She is tiny and it is small enough for her tiny wrist. It is well made
Very nice, heavy duty chain that I have no fear of breaking. Large
My son loves them
Love these!!!!!!!
I like this product to keep my face warm while walking during cold weather and its versatile to wear; it just makes me sweat.
These Gildan Men's Polyester half cushion mid-crew socks are a set of 12 pairs of socks. It is nice that these socks are sold in a large set. I do not care for these socks since they appear to be suitable for athletic wear but have zero cotton in them that allows the foot to breathe - made of 96% Polyester, 3% Spandex, 1% Nylon. Also, depending upon how tall you are, they may or may not reach mid calf so when wearing work boots this could present a problem.

I've purchased many large bags with 12 sets of athletic socks over the years and we have been satisfied enough with many of them. I am wholly satisfied with these socks.
Adorable 2nd birthday outfit and fun shirt to wear as a 2-year old!! The shirt didnt have much give so my daughter could only get a couple wears out of it but served its purpose!!
Perfect fit, but my gut doest hang over my belt. So if you have this problem, then you need to order a larger size.
I like truckers suspenders, easy to attach. The clips on these have a pair of pins that pierce the fabric. I did not want the damage to my pants or belt so I broke the pins off using pliers. The remaining plastic insert does a great job of holding the clip in place without the pin. The webbing is wide and crisp, making for a great clean look.
I was looking for a light weight summer robe and this is perfect.
nice shades They don't wrap as far around as I would like. They still work well for riding the bicycle and sailing.
Love to product.. great price...